About Us

North Stawell Minerals (ASX: NSM) is a junior exploration company in the search for gold.

Our aim is to create significant shareholder value through the discovery of a complete and healthy mineralisation pipeline. Having a strong working relationship with the established Stawell Gold Mine, we have the unique advantage of a short pathway to production.

We hold highly prospective tenements with multiple undercover targets in the north of the Stawell Corridor. Importantly, the rocks that host gold can be detected through cover with geophysics.

Backed by a strong leadership team, and real potential to find shallow masked gold, North Stawell Minerals is a compelling partner and attractive acquisition dedicated to uncovering Western Victoria’s preserved gold potential. 

Our Values

  • Value through efficiency – cost-effective in all activities
  • Integrity as a standard – be honest and maintain strong moral principles
  • Safety is not an accident – maintain a strong health and safety culture as a priority
  • Better, intelligent exploration – adopt and adapt techniques and technology to accelerate exploration and streamline work
  • Opportunities for growth – grow the people, the projects, the company
  • Strengthen positive relationships – invest time and effort to continually strengthen relationships and meet expectations
  • Clear strategic leadership – present a clear path forward

Our Exploration Strategy

North Stawell Minerals is exploring for shallow repeats of the multi-million-ounce Stawell Mine under a thin blanket of un-mineralised sedimentary cover (the Murray Basin). A distinct advantage of exploring for this type of mineralisation is that a basalt core controls mineralisation sites, and the basalt can be remotely mapped with geophysics (i.e. beneath the blanket of cover). A high- resolution airborne gravity survey conducted in the June Qtr FY21 completed the data suite required to efficiently explore the covered areas (85% of the NSM tenements). An air core rig tested regional targets for 8 months from October 2021. Follow-up (Phase 2 Infill drilling) commenced in December, 2022 and continues.

Within the basalt structures, additional targeting is possible. Observations of controls on mineralisation in the Stawell Mine and modelling of ore-controls indicate that mineralisation is most likely to occur on the contacts (or proximal to the contacts) of the basalt cores where changing geometries create dilation zone (fold hinges, embayments, etc.) and create space where mineralisation is deposited. Where these locations are interpreted in the geophysics, drilling is prioritised to test alteration, geology and structure and vector towards mineralisation.

Multiple suites of early to middle Devonian granites intrude into the regional Cambro-Ordovician sediments. This creates the opportunity to explore for Intrusion Related gold (IRG) and thermal aureole gold (TAG) deposits (e.g. the Wonga Deposit in Stawell). Identifying major structures that intersect or lie adjacent to granites are highly prospective for IRG or TAG mineralisation.